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Use our website to apply for escort and detention job vacancies online

TEDSL (Tascor Escort and Detention) are always looking for professional staff to manage our services. Where we have escort and detention jobs and escort and detention vacancies they will be listed on this page.

Apply or find out more about any of the vacancies below by clicking read more.

Current escort and detention vacancies

Detainee Custody Officer (In-County - Nationwide)

With have opportunities throughout the UK in our in-country escorting team.

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Detainee Custody Officer (Birmingham)

Join our dedicated in-country team based near Birmingham Airport where we maintain the welfare and care of the detainees being escorted within the UK.

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Detainee Custody Officer (Manchester)

Our team based near Manchester Airport have vacancies for Detainee Custody Officers where you can work as part of a committed team to ensure that the welfare and care of the detainees being escorted in the UK is maintained.

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Overseas Duty Manager - Gatwick

To provide the business with the required number of skilled, briefed, motivated staff, resources and vehicles to meet the current published operational model and manage and monitor those staff to provide the highest levels of customer service.

Ensure the care, safety and security of detainees in their charge is compliant at all times with Tascor and UKBA guidelines and policy on detainee care.

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